Notes for contributors

Terapia Sistemica / Systemic Therapy publishes articles in various topics taht can be integrated in the following areas:

Identity issues, context and culture, globalization and ethnicity, media and power, political psychology, systemic intervention in medicine, psychiatry, social work, psychotherapy, education, forensic psychology, reviews for books and interviews.


The manuscripts should be submitted in hard copy - 3 copies - together with a CD containing the text, to the following address: Marius & Ileana Radu, Str. Vadul Crişului Nr. 47, 300613 Timişoara,  Romania. Each Romanian author should submit the article both in Romanian and English. We recommend the usage of a latest version of Microsoft Office Word for text editing. The editors do not hold any responsibility for the quality of the translation, but they have the risk for its revision. Authors from outside of Romania should send their articles in English only. The author should stand ready to receive a confirmatory query via e-mail from the editor. By submitting the manuscript, the author(s) agree that the copyright for their article is transferred to Terapia Sistemica / Systemic Therapy (Dianoia), if the article is accepted for publication. In such cases, the author would send a letter to confirm that the accepted article is not in negotiation or printed by another journal or printing house.

On acceptance for publication, the agreed version of the article should be sent in electronically to


The articles should follow the standards of scientific writing of American Psychological Association (APA).

An article should not exceed a maximum of 30 pages, 1.5 lines spaced, Times New Roman 12 points. Please give a word count on the Title page of the manuscript. The margins must be at least 3.0 cm.

The abstract will be in English for both copies of the article (Romanian and English version), up to 250 words. A maximum of 5 keywords can be provided. The Abstract must be on a separate page from the Title page.

The front page of the article must give: the title; the names of the author(s); the titles and work context; an indication of which of the authors will be responsible for correspondence, proofs and reprints. Address, telephone number and email address must be also included.

The author(s) should suggest a title for the running head.

Prior to publication, articles will be blind-reviewed by two members of the Board of Assessors, or a guest assessor in the event of specialist knowledge of the topic being required. Therefore, the author's identity and affiliation will be provided only on the first page of the article and not elsewhere and i will be not be known by the reviewers.

First name authors will receive the proofs back for checking before going to point. They are responsible for ensuring thet these are returned to the Editor within 72 hours of receipt.


Terapia Sistemica / Systemic Therapy board holds copyright for all published materials. However, the responsibility for the ideas presented and the accuracy of the studies submitted is the author's. Each author receive a free hard copy of their paper.